Wood Frame Steel Doors

1. Fail safe double premium magnetic weather-stripping - ensures a tight seal to minimize heat loss.

2. Thermally efficient pine frame - finger jointed to resist warping.

3. Variety of hinge colours added beauty

4. Self draining sill system (thermally broken).

5. Unique PVC door-lite frame that will never require painting. The integral weather-strip ensures a seal that provides maximum air and water tightness.

6. Full 12" wood lock block for extra strength and security.

7. Hot dipped, galvanized steel skins - resist cracking, splitting, rusting and warping.

8. Poly-urethane foam insulation provides an insulation value six times that of wood.

9. Leak-proof self draining adjustable combination sweep - provides a positive triple-seal against air and water infiltration

10. An extra reinforcement plate at the strike jamb gives added security and peace of mind


High Security Steel Frame Replacement Doors

1. No need to remove existing wood frame.

2. Shiny brass hinges enhance any decor

3. New compression weather-strip

4. Low profile sill for easy access

5. Full 12" lock block.

6. New magnetic weather-strip for airtight seal.

7. High security steel frame for added safety

8. Hot dipped, galvanized steel skins - resist cracking, splitting, rusting and warping.

9. Multi-finned sweep keeps wind and winter cold outside.

10. Polyurethane insulation (no CFC's).


Fiberglass Door (Smooth/Woodgrain)

High Performance Fiberglass Specially engineered fiberglass door facings provides maximum protection and durability. Fiberglass doors will not dent and resist splitting, cracking and warping. New Wood-Grain Texture the surface of a fiberglass door produces an authentic wood door appearance by utilizing a new, variable depth wood-grain texture that finishes easily and beautifully. High Definition Panel Profile Fiberglass doors feature a high definition panel profile creating excellent shadow lines and distinct panel designs.


Garden Patio Doors

Well, save your energy. The Garden Patio Door has been specially engineered not only to virtually eliminate draftiness, but to insulate at the same time. The flexible hinging system allows you to choose which door you want to operate. Even the screen stays on track, and effortlessly glides to a perfect seal


Hinge Operations

All-uPVC Patio Door

The quietest, most thermally efficient door available on the market today. This all-uPVC patio door series opens up the future to a new generation of premium-quality all-uPVC doors with a host of outstanding features and benefits. The All-uPVC patio door profile is made of a 100% virgin uPVC powder compound that is lead free. Steel reinforcement in these patio door panels provides stability and a smooth stable operation.


Decorative Door Glass









ODL Glass




The above decorative glasses are just a preview of what Merit Glass can provide. Please stop by our show room to view other glass and options for your door(s).