Manufacturing Processes

Merit Glass utilizes different manufacturing processes in our daily operations. Each project is unique and the processes are dictated by several conditions, some of which being schedule, site conditions and the nature of glazing requirements. Once awarded, each project is assigned a project management team within our organization that follows the project through from start to finish. From drafting and engineering, to manufacturing and installation, Merit’s staff will ensure each project is completed on time and on budget.
There are two primary processes we follow at our manufacturing facility, and they are;

Unitized, Pre-Glazed Process

This process starts with the procurement of all raw materials required to manufacture and install a complete glazing system. We work with key industry suppliers to ensure all products meet specifications and utilize systems that are proven and tested.
From our processing and assembly centers to our glazing and shipping departments, we ensure all procedures are completed and quality control documents follow the modular panels from start to finish. This process allows us to manufacture a pre-glazed, unitized panel in a controlled environment where glass is installed, sealed and allowed to cure before it is installed on site. This allows us to close in a building faster and allow interior finishes to carry on as the panels are installed. This process lends itself primarily to repetitive, multi-story applications.

Unitized, Site Glazed Process

Similar to the pre-glazed process, this method follows the same premise from procurement through to a finished product; however the glass is not installed at our facility. Modular panels are assembled and prepared for glazing which takes place on the jobsite. Again, job conditions set the precedent for this type of application. Typically, projects that incorporate multiple product types and interrupted glazing patterns are the type of project this application is used for.